Question: Is Saying Take Your Time Rude?

Can I take your time?

“May I take some of your time” is a very polite and grammatically correct way to ask for someone’s time.

You need to choose a different verb than “say,” however; we don’t “say a story.”.

How do you say no hurry?

You can also say “there is no rush”, “take your time”, or “don’t rush.” You can say (informally), “No rush.” (This is a sentence fragment.)…2 Answersthe work is not urgent,they do not need to hurry, and.they can “take their time”. ( definition)

How do you ask someone’s time?

Ways to ask about time: The most common and also the easiest way to ask about time is: ‘What time is it? ‘ However, it needs to be a little bit more polite when you ask a person, maybe a stranger.

Is no hurries correct?

If you say to someone ‘There’s no hurry’ or ‘I’m in no hurry’ you are telling them that there is no need for them to do something immediately. I’ll need to talk with you, but there’s no hurry. ‘I am in no particular hurry,’ he insisted.

Can I borrow 5 minutes of your time?

Can I Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time? is a 2009 non fiction by American author Hal Becker. It explores sales from Xerox’s former #1 salesperson in the USA. … Can I Have 5 Minutes of Your Time? took Becker over three years to complete and was rejected by 35 publishers.

Are you free now meaning?

“You’re free today?” (“Are you free today?”) is asking her if she is “available to spend time with you”. “Free” means “available”.

How do you say it is not urgent?

I would say: “It’s not urgent that I [verb in the subjunctive].” For example, “It’s not urgent that I look into this matter right away” or “It’s not urgent that he go so soon.”

What is another way to say take your time?

take your time / synonymstake the time. v.take all the time. v.take it easy. v.take it slow. v.hold your horses.not so hurry.take a moment. v.More items…

When we say take your time?

to not hurry: He took his time before answering the question.

How do you say no need to hurry?

Ways of telling someone not to hurry – thesaurus(there’s) no hurry. phrase. … in your own (good) time. phrase. … whoa. interjection. … haste makes waste/more haste less speed. phrase. … what’s the hurry? phrase. … time is on your side. phrase. … give someone/something a chance. phrase. … in my/his/her etc hurry. phrase.More items…

How do you use take your time?

If you take your time doing something, you do it quite slowly and do not hurry. ‘Take your time,’ Cross told him. ‘I’m in no hurry.

Who advised him not to hurry?

Answer. Answer: The blacksmith told franz not to go so fast because he knew that today, he was having his last lesson of french and m hamel’s last day so he will not scold him.

What does no rush mean?

The meaning of “no rush” ” No rush ” Meaning: Said to someone to indicate that you aren’t in a hurry for them to complete their task.

How do you say take your time politely?

Take Your TimeSincerely – Meaning: I’m not in a rush; take all the time you need. Example: I’m waiting for my friend Jenny to meet me for coffee. … Sarcastically – Meaning: You are taking a very long time and I’m not happy about it. … Encouragingly – Meaning: You can do this!

Is it polite to say take your time?

Take Your Time Meaning Definition: Don’t rush. People use this expression to let someone politely know that there is no need to hurry.

How do you say no rush politely?

There is no hurry (or just no hurry) is a good colloquial expression that can also be used in a business setting: Pay me back whenever you can. There is no hurry.

What’s your hurry meaning?

spoken used to say that someone is doing something too quickly We’ve got plenty of time – what’s all the hurry?

How do you say no pressure?

no-pressure / synonymsfree of pressure.without pressure.pressureless. flat.unpressurized. adj.flat.non-pressure.More items…