Question: Who Played Stuart Diver In The Movie?

Who played Stuart Diver?

Craig McLachlanCastCast overview, first billed only:Craig McLachlan…Stuart DiverJodie Dry…Sally DiverSimon Burke…Euan DiverJoe Manning…Dave Brodie11 more rows.

Did Stuart Diver remarry?

20 years ago, Stuart Diver became a household name as the only survivor of the Thredbo landslide. He lay trapped next to his wife Sally for 65 hours and watched as she passed away. Years later he found love again and married Rosanna Cossettini.

How long was Stuart Diver trapped?

three daysON July 30, 1997, Stuart Diver was pulled from the rubble of a catastrophic landslide at the village and ski resort in Thredbo. He was alive despite being trapped for three days.

How old is Stuart divers daughter?

In this week’s 60 MINUTES, Stuart Diver has opened up on being a single parent to six-year-old daughter and how he and Rosanna ensured she would always remember her mum.

Where is Stuart Diver today?

ThredboStuart is still living in Thredbo, where he is raising his and Rosanna’s young daughter Alessia.

Who survived the Thredbo landslide?

Stuart DiverThe Thredbo landslide was a catastrophic landslide that occurred at the village and ski resort of Thredbo, New South Wales, Australia, on 30 July 1997. Two ski lodges were destroyed and 18 people died. Stuart Diver was the only survivor.