What Is The Law On Drop Kerbs?

What happens if I drop a KERB without permission?

What happens if I drop a kerb without permission.

If you drop a kerb without permission, it could be removed at any time.

You may also have to pay additional costs to have the kerb reinstated, or you may have to pay for any damage caused to utilities or the footpath as a result of your work..

Can I park over my own dropped curb?

Parking a vehicle fully or partially across a dropped kerb is classed as an obstruction and either the police or local council can enforce the contravention. … As ridiculous as it may seem, you can be issued a PCN for parking across your own dropped kerb.

Can I park on my front garden without a dropped KERB?

No, It is an offence to access your front drive without an authorised Footway Crossing (Dropped Kerb). … You should therefore not park on your garden / drive until the crossing is constructed.

How much does it cost to drop a KERB in Croydon?

You can apply for a dropped kerb online through My Account. This is for residential properties only. For businesses and developers, please contact us at highwaysdevelopment@croydon.gov.uk. Applications cost £150.

What are the rules on dropped Kerbs?

Do I need a dropped kerb? If you intend to drive a vehicle over the footway into your driveway off a highway, then you will need a dropped kerb. If you do not have dropped kerb, you must not drive over the footway. If you do so, you are breaking the law and enforcement action could be taken to prevent such practice.

Do dropped Kerbs need planning permission?

Planning permission is not required for a vehicle crossover (dropped kerb), unless the crossover is directly on a classified road.

Can I use my Neighbours dropped KERB?

Parking across a dropped kerb is a parking contravention for which a Penalty Charge Notice can be issued. … If you share a dropped kerb with you neighbour you will still need their permission before parking across the dropped kerb.

Can I turn my front garden into a drive?

Once you have obtained permission for your crossover — or after your council has confirmed such permission isn’t necessary — you can convert your front garden into a driveway under permitted development rules, subject to certain conditions.

Can I get a dropped KERB if disabled?

If you are disabled, you may be able to have a dropped kerb to allow access onto a driveway. There is a cost of £77.50 to make this application.